Monday, April 27, 2009

The Past Week

I haven't written anything for awhile and thought that I would fill you in on our week, not that anything truly exciting has happened. On Saturday the 18Th Joe's niece and her husband were down from Alaska for a conference in Spokane so we met them on their dinner break. Before that we decided that we would go to Riverfront part and hang out with the kids. We weren't planning on doing any of the rides but ended up purchasing day passed for the kids. Gideon loved to ride on the carousel. He wanted to stay and kept getting in line for it. He was free for the day as long as Joe went with him. I think his favorite ride was the airplane ride. He could have stayed on it all day if we let him. Joe and the kids did all of the carnival rides that they have there. They did not like the Farris wheel. As soon as they got on it Gideon and Gabbie started to cry and they wanted off. It was fun to watch them go on all of the rides. I stayed with the baby and kept an eye on the bigger kids as they ran around. All in all it turned out to be a really fun day there. After we had been there for a couple of hours we met up with Mika and Jason. We had a nice dinner at a local pub named the Steelhead. They had pretty good food for reasonable prices and aloud kids to enter before 9. Gideon was so tired by that point in the day that he was having a hard time, but did surprisingly well. It was fun to catch up with family and just sit and talk. That was probably the most excited thing that happened to us this past week. Everyday is fun with the kids but nothing really significant has happened this past week. We are good. Mostly healthy and just waiting for the warm weather to come back so we can spend our day outside in the sunshine. I'm really looking forward to that.