Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cordin's turning 9!

Cordin will be 9 on the 1st of May. I can't believe that
so much time has gone by. It seems like yesterday he was my
little boy. I was going through some of the pictures that
I have and wanted to share some of the cute ones of him.
This is when he was 4 (I wish I had baby pictures to show,
I don't know what happened to them).

This is his pre-school graduation. He had just turned 5.
Cordin with his teachers Mr. Frank and Miss Mary

Outside at the playground of our old apartment.

Cordin smiling his big cheesy smile. He is a cute kid.

And here his is last fall. He has grown into quite a remarkable young man
I'm so amazed that he is my son. I love him so much
and am grateful that he is part of our family.


Cale and Sharon said...

I can't believe he's 9 already time sure flies. Karson will be 11 the same day I can't hardly believe it. What happened to these little kids.

Bev said...

Gideon is a carbon copy of Cordin. I also realized while looking at pictures of Brent as a kid how much Cordin looks like Brent. Cutie patutie.