Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New photos of Brynwen

Brynwens toes. They are so small. I could just sit and marvel at them all day.

All of the kids together. Joe and I really do make beautiful babies.

Brynwen in her yellow outfit from Aunt Jenny.

Brynwen a few days home from the hospital.


Woodrich Family said...

Well if I didn't have baby fever before, I most certainly do now! She's beautiful! I always forget how small they really are. I hope you are having lots of time to sit and admire!

Bill and Maggie said...

She's so sweet! And I love the picture of all the kids together.

shanda said...

She is beautiful. She looks a months old instead of weeks. Luv ya. I'm glad every thing is going well now.

cadi said...

Wow!!! She is beautiful! Seriously blessed you guys...I can see both of you guys in your kids! Good Job!

Anonymous said...

All four of your children are beautiful... you are a special niece.. I love you all very much.. Have a wonderful Mother's Day!!
Big hugs, Aunt Darlene and Grandma