Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Break

Here we are...April already. I love the month of April. It means life is starting to awaken and things are going to be green again. We are getting lots of rain. I do mean lots. I love it though. The kids are home for this week, spring break, it's been a little crazy having them here. One of the things I do love about spring break is not having to worry about waking the kids up. I love having the freedom of sleeping in for a little while. It's hard getting up at 7 when you don't get home from work until 11:30 and to bed until sometimes after 1. Who can come home from work and go straight to bed? I can't. In the past Joe has been the one to get the kids up and off to school. He has to leave by 5:30am now so he can work and then go to school then work they school again then work. He started his masters program this quarter and has long days.

We are going to do a couple of fun activities while the kids are home. Cousins are coming to visit for a few days so we are going to go to the Mobius Childrens Museum which should be fun. I haven't been there but Gabbie has gone with her class at school and says that it's lots of fun. We are also going to go to a jump and play which I just found out is in Spokane. It's hard to keep kids entertained and active, but if I don't make them do stuff they just sit at home watching t.v. or playing video games. Which is how I think Cordin would like spend his week if I let him. They will also be cleaning their rooms. This is an on going battle in our home. I realize that it's their room and they should be able to keep it how they want to, but when I start getting their clean laundry back in the dirty laundry to wash again after I just washed it, it's time to clean and put away the tornado stricken rooms. We'll see how this goes. It should be a mostly fun week.

I'm glad that the kids are here, but by the end of the week I'm sure that I'll be ready for them to be back in school. I love spending time with them and Gideon and Brynwen love having them at home. It does pose a problem with our schedule since neither 'little' kid wants to lay down when big brother and sissy are home, but it's only for a week. I think we can manage. Here's to spring break and having big brother and sissy home!