Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Summer in a nutshell

August is more then half way through and I am sad to see that summer is coming to a close. School starts for us in 1 week. I can't believe this, and have mixed feelings about sending the kids back to school. Cordin is going to be in the 5th grade. Yes really. Gabbie is going into the 3rd grade, and I am feeling like an old mama. Cordin doesn't want to go to school, which is not really all that surprising, and Gabbie is very excited to go, mostly for seeing her friends, not the actual school part. I have liked having them here. They have mostly been really great. We have had our moments of course, but I will miss them when they are gone for most of the day. Gideon is sad that they will be gone, he really likes having them here to play with. Now he has to go back to having just mom to entertain him. What am I going to do? He really wants to go to school and be a big boy like brother and sissy.

Our summer was pretty tame. We had one really big adventure when we went to Utah for 2 weeks. It was a great trip filled with lots of family and fun. We did the Dino museum and went swimming a couple of times up at the reservoirs. The weather was pretty great the whole time we were there. It was so nice to spend time with Joe's family. The kids loved having cousins to play with and hang out with. I really liked renewing relationships with all of the family. We got home in the middle of July and have been swimming and playing here. Like I said it's been pretty tame. We are going to "end" our summer with a camping trip over labor day weekend. We are so excited to spend some time with my brothers and sisters. Everyone but Brooke and Evan will be there. They are coming in the middle of Sept. I can't wait to have some good quality time with my siblings. It's been awhile since we were together.

                                           Face paint at the museum

                                            Cordins dragon

                                           Chandler's Dragon

                                           Justin's Dragon

                                            Gideon's dino

                                           Gideon and Justin on the dino

     Justin Cordin and Chandler on the dino.     
                                           Gideon and a Turkey.
                                            Cordin on a horse.

                                           Gideon on a horse.

                                            Gabbie on a horse.

                                           Brynwen on a horse.

                                            All the kids in jail.

                                           Kids in jail again.
Well, that's been our summer in a nut shell. I'm looking forward to what this school year will bring. I'm sure that it will be filled with lots of surprises. Hopefully they will all be good.