Thursday, September 9, 2010

Grandma Midgley and other stuff.

September started out on a sad note, my grandma Elaine died on the evening of Aug 31. My sister Bev and I headed out that night at 10pm, to Bellvue, to go and be with our aunt Darlene and to be with grandma. It was hard to be there but it was also a very peaceful and spiritual time as well. I'm thankful to believe what I believe. Knowing that life doesn't end with death has been a great comfort to me. It is hard to loose a loved one, but I know that I will see my grandma again and that she is happy and with those that have gone on before her.  I will miss you grandma!

Here is a picture of Grandma and Grandpa Midgley many moons ago.

The kids also started school on the 1st. I was still in Seattle so I missed their first day. I think they had a good time and that all was ok.
Oct 4...
I started this post back in Sept and I thought I would finish it now. The kids still love school, surprising, I know. Cordin has decided to do band this year. He is playing the clarinet which so far he seems to really like. He has learned how to put it together and how to make sound, now all he needs is the notes. Gabbie is loving school. She is such a social child and thrives on being with others. She is supper smart too. Both her and Cordin are. Gideon wants to go to school so badly. We are thinking of putting him in pre-school. I think he would love it. I just need to justify the expense. Brynwen is growing up way to fast. She is 18 months now. She loves to be apart of everything and follows brothers and sister around like their shadow. I can't believe that all of my kids are getting so big.

Joe and I are doing well. We are living life and doing what we and home and work. Joe's birthday is this Friday and we are excited about sharing this with our family and friends. Our good friends Bill, Maggie and Miri are coming to spend 5 days with us, we can't wait. We are so excited to see them. For Joe's bday we are planning to have dinner with all of our fam that is here and with great friends, then it's off to play laser tag. It should be a great night.

That's pretty much all that's going on with us so far. We are happy and healthy and excited for the coming months. I will work on doing better at posting all the fun stuff that is happening to us as this holiday season begins.