Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday was so nice. Of course I forgot to take pictures of the kids in there new Sunday clothes. I will have to get on that this next week. I had such a nice time in church. All of the lessons were wonderful, at least what I was able to listen to before Brynwen woke up and wanted to eat. I am so grateful for the ability to go to church and refill my cup of spirituality. It is so nice to be able to sit and listen to a teacher talk of Christ. Our sacrament program was amazing. It was filled with beautiful music and a wonderful message. I really enjoyed it. Especially the music part. I am so thankful that we celebrate Easter. It is wonderful to have the knowledge that our Savior lives! He was resurrected and he lives. I know this. I'm grateful to know this. It is so wonderful to know that I am a daughter of God and that my older brother Jesus loved me enough to come to this earth and fulfill my Heavenly Fathers plan. I am so thankful that I can be forgiven for my sins. That I can turn to my Savior when I am in times of trouble and know that I am loved and watched over. I really do love this Gospel and the knowledge that it gives me.