Saturday, March 13, 2010

Catch up on Brynwen...first birthday!

Brynwen is very mobile now. She has been crawling for the past month and a half. She is now pulling herself up and walking along the furniture! UGH! I can't say that I am very excited about this. I'm glad that she is learning and expanding her horizons but, I just want her to stay my baby. I know that this is totally selfish and that I should encourage her but, I really want her to stay little, I want my baby to stay a baby. She is pretty cute when she walks. She's very unsteady on her feet still and wobbles and shakes when she is trying to get anywhere. She loves to follow Gideon around and they play hide and seek all the time. Gideon will pop up from somewhere and she will just laugh and laugh. I should get a video of it because it really is very cute.

                                          At the park
                                          on the slide
                                          in the stroller

March 22 was Brynwens first birthday.  I can't believe that she is one already.  We did a small family party with Bev and Demarco and Kade.  We had dinner and then did the whole cake and ice cream thing.  She had her own cake and make a huge mess.  It was awesome!  Here is her cake...

                                          Eating rocks.
                                          Beautiful Baby!


Melissa said...

Brenda!!!!! So fun to find your blog and catch up on your family!