Thursday, March 4, 2010


In trying to recall 03-04 I'm having a really hard time remembering what happened. There wasn't anything really significant that stands out in my mind. It was more school. I was home with the kids and Joe was going to school and working. It was pretty tame as far as things go. I do believe that these are the years that we started to hang out with Cale and Sharon more. We played games and watched movies and even occasionally went out.

We made a couple of trips to Utah also. I think we even went to Seattle to stay with Bryan and Rachel. I do remember going to Zoo with the kids. I honestly can't really remember what happened in these two years. I did decide to go back to school in the fall of 2004. I started on my bachelors degree in Speech Language Pathology. Cordin started pre-school that same fall. He really loved it. For some reason those years escape me. Oh well, this will have to do. It I can remember anything else I will revise this.

This is when I wish I had kept a better journal. I guess it's never to late to start.


Michelle Claire said...

I remember something in 2003... you came to my wedding!!! :)