Thursday, April 22, 2010

Catching Up

It's been awhile since my last post. A few things have happened since then. Where to begin...February we went down to Tricities to go to the temple with my brother Brent. He was taking out his endowments so he could go on his mission. Joe got really sick that weekend and ended up not going so I took all four kids by myself and headed down there. It wasn't so bad and I'm glad that I went to support Brent. Most of the family made it to Bryan and Rachel's. It was nice to see everyone and spend time together. Family is great!

The Tuesday after we got home, I got a call from my sister telling me that grandma Midgley had a stroke on Monday. It was a stroke that affected her vision on the left side of her body as well as her movement on that side. That was hard news to hear. Grandma has always been really healthy and independent, so hearing that her body wasn't working for her was sad. She has been in a rehab hospital for the past month and a half and we have just found out that she has been accepted into a private home care. We went to Seattle for a weekend in March to help Darlene look at some different medical home options and to visit with grandma. There are so many different options out there but we all felt that having a small private home care facility was the way to go with grandma. I think that she will be very well cared for in her new environment and it's really close to my aunt.

On March 22nd we celebrated Brynwen's 1st Birthday. I can't believe that my baby is 1 already. It was pretty low key. Bev, Demarco and Kade came over for dinner and cake. We sang happy birthday to her and she danced while we sang. We gave her her own cake and just let her go to town. It was fun watching her cover herself in chocolate frosting. She got some new clothes for summer and a fun little toy that she loves to play with. Shortly after she turned 1 she took her first unsteady steps. She is still crawling everywhere but loves to walk along the furniture and to walk holding mine or Joe's hands. What a sweet baby girl.

Cordin and Gabbie are getting ready to celebrate their birthdays. May 1st and 2nd are just around the corner. They are pretty excited because these are big birthdays for both of them. Cordin is leaving the single digits and moving up to doubles, I can't believe that he will be 10. Gabbie will be 8 and is so excited to be baptized. I'm not sure when we will be doing that yet, sometime in May. Gideon is happy, most of the time. He loves to be outside playing and this year we decided that we would buy a swing set for him. We did and are now just waiting for all of the boxes to be here so we can go and pick it up from Walmart. I am so excited for it to get here. I can't wait to have a "park" as Gideon says in our backyard. It will be so convenient to have it right outside our door. I know that both he and Brynwen will have lots of fun with it over the next few years.