Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saturday Tell All

Here we are, another Saturday tell all.

Weighed in and was happy to see that I had kept the pound off over the weekend. I did really well in counting my calories today and hopefully will be able to keep it up. I ate well today and walked 2 miles.

Did well for breakfast today. I missed lunch because the pancakes I had were so filling I was still full. For dinner I was very good. One piece of chicken 1/2 c of pasta salad and 1/2 c of potatoes. I did eat 3 small chocolate chip cookies though. It was better than the candy bar I wanted. Joe and I were able to go to a movie and eating before we went really helped me not want to get popcorn and pop, which I didn't get.

.Breakfast, lunch and dinner, I did really well today and even got out and was able to walk. It was around 2 miles. Pretty happy with that. It is not as easy as I thought to count calories, but I will keep going.

.Breakfast and Dinner were good choices. Unfortunately I chose to get a cheese burger and fries for lunch. Not the greatest choice in the world. I will have to do better. I walked 1 1/2 miles today.

Today has been the worst day ever. Breakfast was a pretty good choice but after that I have just gone down hill. I have had cookies and pudding and all sorts of things that I shouldn't be eating. My will power just gave out today and I made some rotten choices. I didn't get out and walk although I did walk the wal-mart for about an hour. Still not the best exercise there is to do. It was a hard day for me.

I weighed in this morning and was surprise to see that I was down a pound. Shock of my life. I will have to work extra hard this week to keep that pound off. No more binges for me. I have to remember to allow myself a treat now and then so I don't go crazy with the treats when they are in front of me. That and to make good shopping choices when I'm at the store.