Saturday, May 9, 2009

Saturday Tell All

Okay, so this is my Saturday update.

Monday...I started my week off right and I have been doing pretty good, probably not as well as I should be doing, but good. Today I've eaten pretty well. I had a lot of whole grain foods and healthy snacks. I walked 2.11 miles and I feel really good. One slip, I had a brownie after my lunch.

Tuesday...I followed my eating plan really well. I had a healthy breakfast lunch and dinner and good snacks. I walked 2.5 miles and am feeling really well.

Wednesday...My morning was really good. I had a great breakfast, lunch and dinner, but Joe came home with donuts tonight and I succumbed to temptation and had one and a half of another. I didn't walk today because my in-laws flew in and we spent the evening catching up. I feel bad about that and will have to do better tomorrow.

Thursday...I woke up this morning and had some of dad in law's whole wheat pancakes. They are really good and very filling. I had a good lunch and dinner today and am glad that I am sticking to my eating plan today. I walked 2 miles and feel good.

Friday...I have been doing pretty good today. I have been really good about staying away from junk food. The kids ate all of the donuts so they are no longer a temptation. I had a good lunch. I know that when all of the family comes tonight that we will probably go out to eat after our meeting. (Later) Yes we did go out. We went to Rosa's Pizza. I think I did pretty well, considering, I only had 3 pieces of Hawaiian pizza and then I ate a big salad. For the most part I was pretty happy with my choices. I didn't take the opportunity to walk today though. I will have to do better next week.

Saturday...Breakfast was good. A bowl of cereal and some toast. Lunch was pbandj and apples and I haven't had dinner yet. So far I think that it is going well. I plan to walk tonight. Hopefully with Bev.

I have lost 1lb. I'm am pretty happy with this. I decided that I will weigh myself only twice a week. Once on Monday and again on Saturday. I have been weighing myself everyday a couple times a day and it just makes me feel really anxious. This way I will follow my plan for the week and then see the results at the end of each week. If this doesn't work I will make adjustments as needed. I've done a little research and discovered that I should be eating about 2200 calories since I am breast feeding. This seems like a lot to me but I will try it and see how it goes. Counting calories has never been something that I've done much of before so this will be new for me. Wish me luck!

These are some of the things that I had written in my journaling this week. I will continue to write in my journal. This seems to work pretty well for me. That, and knowing that I have chosen to be accountable to my blog and all those out there that read it. Thanks for your support. I will post on it again next Saturday.


Woodrich Family said...

Great job! Remember to give yourself an occasional treat so that you don't end up wanting to binge. That's what always seems to happen to me.

shanda said...

Great Job! I too am trying to loose some pounds. I just started Julians 30 day shred.