Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy 10 Years! Brynwen's Blessing Dress

(Joe and Brynwen after her blessing)
First off I have to say Happy Anniversary to me and Joe.
We have been married for 10 years! I can't believe
that it has been that long. The time goes by way to fast. It seems
like just yesterday we were engaged and planning a wedding.
I really made the absolute best choice when I
decided to marry Joe. He is such a good man, a wonderful father
and a great friend. Did I luck out of what?! Now here we are
10 years and 4 kids later. I just love this man! He is
my best friend and I don't know what I would do without him.

Here we are after the blessing of Brynwen. I don't know
where the boys were. Probably off playing with
their cousins. It was a beautiful day!

Me, Brynwen and Joe. I really like this picture. I don't
normally like to look at pictures of myself, but I am who I am
and I should learn to love me for me.

Here is Brynwen in her blessing dress. It was actually
my blessing dress when I was a baby. She looks identical
to me in one of my baby pictures. I am wearing the same
dress in my picture too. I just love that baby.
She is just so cute!

I just love this picture of Brynwen. She is so expressive.
I can see that her mind is working and she really looks
like she wants to say something. You can see a little bit more of the
detail of the dress in this picture. What a sweet heart!


Bill and Maggie said...
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Bill and Maggie said...

Sorry, messed up on the last one...
Those are such beautiful pictures! I miss you guys so much! 2 more weeks sister!