Monday, September 28, 2009

Look Who's 6 Months Old!

Here's Brynwen in her stroller. She loves to be
outside and will settle right down
if she is mad. She is so cute!

She is now 6 months old and exploring
the world around her. My sweet baby can roll
over from her back to her stomach, and just started
rolling from her stomach to here back.
She can only do this on one side though, which is pretty
funny to watch. She can sit up all by herself. She can
also reach for objects that
are around her. She loves to

'eat' fingers and will suck on any
that are available. She loves

to talk to anyone and everyone. She laughs at
her big brother
Gideon when he plays with
her and loves it when Cordin and

Gabbie play with her too. She can clap
her hands all by herself but
loves to play patty cake.
She is such a good baby and
hardly ever cries.
She is truly a joy to have in our family!

Here she is in her jumping chair.
She didn't really like it, she didn't know
what to think of it at first, but now that
she has the hang of it, she loves it.
It's fun to watch her bounce in it.

Here she is attaching the parrot.
She loves to eat his tail feathers.
I can't believe that she is already 6 months old.
I just love her and am so thankful for her.