Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fall is almost here!

Here it is Sept 12th. How time flies. I can't believe that it is so close to fall. School is in session and the kids are readjusting to getting up in the mornings again, so am I. It has been nice to have some measure of discipline to our lives again. Summer is great but it wreaks havoc on our schedule. We are falling back into our old patterns which is nice.

Cordin is in the 4th grade now and seems to like his teacher this year. I'm happy about this. Last year he had some difficulty with Mr. Curtis. I don't know if it was Cordin just not liking a boy teacher or the work he had to do. This year he has a female teacher again and so far he seems to be doing well.

Gabbie is in 2nd grade. She loves school. She is a very good student and loves to play with her friends. She really likes her teacher this year, even though she didn't get the one she wanted. She does have one of her very close friends in her class, which had made her happy.

Gideon is doing the same. We are home and life goes on without brother and sissy home. Gideon does miss them terribly though when they're gone. He gets very bored with just me. I have been trying to occupy his time with games and activities. We even make it out every now and again. There is a play group that meets once a week that we will be attending starting this week. He wishes that he could go to school with Cordin and Gabbie. Maybe pre-school next year, we'll see.

Brynwen is growing to fast. She is 5 1/2 months old now. She can almost sit by herself and rolls everywhere. She is very inquisitive of everything. She loves her hands. It's fun to sit and watch her concentrate on them. She also loves my hair. She grabs it and puts it in her face tickling herself and then laughs and makes a face, drops it, and starts over again. It's hilarious to watch. She blows raspberries and makes what I can only describe and bird sounds. She absolutely loves her brothers and sister. Whenever they come and play with her she just lights up. She is such a good baby. Growing to big, to fast.

So, life continues to go on. Time just keeps speeding past. I just can't get over that I have a 9 year old already. It seems like just yesterday I was holding Cordin in my arms and now he's all grown up...he thinks he is. Sometimes I wish that time would slow down, or that I could freeze it where it is. Oh well, I guess I will just have to enjoy kids while I can. I just love them. It really is to short of a time that we have them with us. Sometimes I wish they could stay forever. Other times I'm okay with the fact that they will leave the nest. I guess that's just how it is though. Okay, I'm just rambling now...I guess I'll stop.