Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Count down

Nothing really all that new to report. I'm still having contractions, but they are mild and don't seem to be going anywhere. I sure wish that she would come already. Joe was in a meeting the other day at work, they were discussing their monthly plan and what needs to get done, when someone said that Joe will be taking a week off when the baby is born. Harold, his boss, told him that it would be most convenient if I had the baby this week (March 2-6). I would be the hero of the development department. I guess they have some big projects due the week that baby is due, and they need Joe to be there. I told Joe that I would be happy to oblige, but it's up to her when she will come. I keep trying the old remedies, eating spicy foods (which only gives me heart burn) going for long walks, which does seem to stimulate the contractions but as soon as I stop moving they stop. We've tried a few others but nothing seems to work. I refuse to do the caster oil. I guess she is just stubborn and will come when she's ready. The sooner the better I say. As much as I like being pregnant I'm ready to be done. I miss sleeping on my back, and being able to breath. I can't wait to be able to take a deep breath. Another little tidbit of info...Gideon is potty training himself. He loves to be a big boy like his dad and brother so he goes in the bathroom and takes off his diaper and pees in the toilet. He is so cute when he does it. I haven't really started the whole thing yet but if he wants to do it I let him. Just thought you would want to know the news.


Michelle Claire said...

I hope she comes soon for you! I hated being pregnant at the end... not sleeping well, heartburn, I HATE HEARTBURN. Can't breathe, or bend over... but, you get a cute little baby at the end, and that pretty much makes it okay. :) I miss you guys! Maybe someday we can try and visit... that'd be fun!