Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What IS she having?

First I have to start off by saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Gideon. I can't believe that my little boy is 2 already. The time has flown by and I wish it would slow down. We're taking the fam to chuck-e-cheese tonight to celebrate. It should be a lot of fun, he is at the age where he loves to go and do. (This is him covered in flour).
I went to the doctors office today for my ultra sound. It was pretty cool to see the baby and watch it move around in there. The technician was able to get some pretty good pictures of the baby but if wasn't very cooperative when it came to seeing the face and the spine so she said that I will probably have to go back in a couple of weeks to have another one. Which frankly I'm okay with. The baby was pretty much all tucked into a ball and would move constantly. We did see a pretty cute pose of the baby playing with it's toes. The tech was really nice. She pointed all of the things out to us that she was looking at so we didn't have to guess what blob was up on the screen. It was cool to see. Joe was able to come and watch with me which was nice. I think that it made it more real for him to see the baby. You're probably wondering whether we were able to see what the sex was. The tech was 99% sure that we are having a (drum role please) GIRL! That's right, I said a girl. We are pretty excited to add this little one to our family.
That brings me to names. For the longest time we have said that we were going to name a girl Khloe Jane we are now not that certain that that is what we want to name her. We have tried to name our kids with mostly unique names, something not so common. Well, when we liked Khloe it wasn't all that common of a name. Now it is in the top 10 girl names in the country. needless to say we are rethinking our decision. So, here are the top 3 options that we are thinking of...
1. Branwynn Dianne
2. Braewyn Dianne (bray-win)
3. Khloe Jane

I was hoping to get your opinion of what you like. I know you're probably thinking "why does my opinion matter you'll just name her what you want to in the end". You're right we probably will, but I'd still like to know what you think of our selections. This is our happy news, and I just wanted to share it with all of you, another beautiful little girl is joining our family.


Cale and Sharon said...
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Cale and Sharon said...

I can't believe he's 2 already.When we were up Saturday Cale was saying how he doesn't seem like a baby anymore, but an actual little person. I'm sure chucky cheese will be a blast. asked Gabby Saturday if she wanted a brother or sister she said a sister cause there was more boys than girls I am sure she is excited to be getting a little sister. See you the 22
miss you guys!!!

Bev said...

Happy Birthday Gideon!! My how the time does go by!! I'm so excited for a new little neice. As for the name, I really loved the idea of a Khloe in the family. However, it is your decision. Whatever you decide, it will fit her. Love you guys and congratulations!!

Breanne said...

A girl...YIPPEE!!!! We need more girls in the family, the boys are slowly outnumbering us. Give Gideon kisses for me. I'm sure you will have a blast at chuckie cheese. See you in like a week!