Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Baby update

I can't believe that I am already half way through this pregnancy. The time is going by really fast. I had a doctors appt. yesterday and everything is going well. I go in on the 12the of Nov for my ultrasound. I'm excited to find out what we are having, and to make sure that the baby is okay. I'm starting to set bigger which is good, at least people will see that I'm pregnant and not just getting fat(er).

We are all doing well. Keeping busy. We're excited for the weekend as Cale and Sharon are going to come and visit. It will be nice to hang out with them again. I haven't had to chance to often since I'm normally at work when they come. It will be fun to spend time with another couple again. We miss you Bill and Maggie! That's my life right now work, work, family, and more work.


Cale and Sharon said...

We are excited to come and see you guys too!! Miss you guys!!!

Breanne said...

Wow it seems like it's going by so fast...but maybe that's just me lol... Love you Brenda. Let me know when you find out. I'll be seeing you soon, oh and am I still suppose to sing at Cordin's baptism?