Friday, January 29, 2010

years Past

My dear friend Maggie has been reviewing her past decade year by year. I really like the idea so I am going to steal it and do the same. Love you Maggie. Your so smart. Let's see what I can remember.

We were living in SLC Utah. The year started out with me being 5 months pregnant with Cordin. I was also working in a day care center at the time. Joe worked for Marriot vacations or something like that. He was also going to school to get his MCSE certificate. Joe and I had been married for 8 months. We lived in this really nasty basement apartment. It was a missionaries apartment before we moved in. It was infested with ants. I really hated that place. The landlords did nothing to improve it, but it was our first home together so there are good memories.

In March we were given the oportunity to move into a house (renting) that was next door to my sister in law Jeri. It was out in a little town called Cedar Fort. A very far and long drive to get anywhere. I don't know what we were thinking when we did that move. But, it worked out. I stopped working in April to get ready for Cordin's arrival. On May 1, 2000 he was born. It was a real eye opener to have a baby. Joe would say that I suffered from post partum depression. I probably did. That first month after he was born is kindof a blur. We celebrated our 1 year on May 18th. We didn't do anything though because we were both so out of it from sleepless nights. Good Memories!

In June Bryan and Rachel were married and we got to come up for the reception in Cheney. Shortly before that, Joe lost his job and we were looking for work. Thankfully we were able to stay in the house we were in. Joe came home to Utah after the reception to look for work and I was able to stay for 2 more weeks with my family. I remember that it was nice to rest and recooperate. I went home and we had a very hot and miserable summer.

At the end of the summer Joe finally found work for a company that did support for Microsoft. He had finally finished his MCSE at that point. We moved to Springville in October another basement apartment, at least it wasn't bug infested. Our landlords we an older couple. I remember that the day we moved it started to rain and we couldn't afford to get a uhaul so our neices boyfriend at the time had an open trailer that we used. Everything got soaked! It was a crazy experience. I don't know why we didn't cover stuff up with tarps. How stupid were we.

The rest of the year pretty much went without any major hiccups. I remember being happy and thankful that we had a home and that Joe had a job. We spent the holidays with Joe's family. It was pretty low key. That was 2000. Next installment to follow shortly.