Monday, November 23, 2009

I'm 3!

Guess who turned 3? GIDEON! I can't believe that my little 'fat' man is 3 already. No, I don't still call him that. It is hard to believe how fast time goes by. It seems like just yesterday we were surprise with me being pregnant, and now here we are.

Gideon is such a great kid. He is mostly happy, we all have bad days. He loves to play with balls and cars. He also really loves to watch cartoons. Mickey and Spongebob are his favorites. He enjoys playing with friends and going with me places. He loves the park and anything that has to do with the outdoors. This is the first year that he actually likes the snow so that has been fun. He LOVES his big brother and sister and wants to do everything with them. He loves to cuddle. I really like this, and when he sucks his thumb and holds his ear he turns back into my sweet little baby. I love him!

Joe and Gideon are trully buddies. When I have to go to work Joe is so great about doing things with him, and Gideon loves that. He loves to play kickity kick ball (Wow Wow Wubbzy), and hit the ball. He and Joe play those a lot. He is such a great blessing to our lives. I will always be so grateful that we are bless to have this sweet little boy in our family. He is growing into such a great person. He has really become the little conversationalist and will talk your ear off if you let him. What a sweet boy! I love you Gideon.



Cale and Sharon said...

Oh my goodness I can't believe he's 3 already. He is such a sweet heart. Happy Birthday Gideon!!