Thursday, July 2, 2009

Catching Up

It's been some time since my last post. Just a quick catch up. loving work. He is having great success in his job and really likes the people that he works with. He has been spending some time in our yard trying to make it look good and has even had some success. He helped DeMarco and Bev put in their yard a couple of weekends ago and seemed to have fun doing it. He was sore for a couple of days, it was a lot of lifting and bending over to put the sod in.

Me...I started back to work this last weekend, and what can I say, it's work. I wish I didn't have to go back but it's a necessity at this point. I hope that someday I will have the choice of whether I have to work of not. I can only hope.

I had a great time with Maggie while she was here. It was fun to spend time with her and Miriam for those two extra weeks. She was able to stay with us for about a week out of that extra time. I have missed her since they moved. Thanks for spending time with me Maggie! We didn't do a whole lot of 'stuff', but had a good time not doing it.

I have been thinking about what I can do at home to earn some income. Piano lessons seem to be what I have been able to come up with. I'm just not sure yet if that is something that my home life will accommodate at this point. Does anyone have any ideas that don't incluse babysitting that I can do from home?

The kids... Cordin has been going to cub scout day camp for the last 3 days. He seems to be enjoying it and has done a lot of fun activities. His favorites have been fishing and shooting the bebe guns. He's also been enjoying the summer with friends and of course video games. He would probably play them all day everyday if I didn't make him call his friends to play. Gabbie is our little social butterfly. She has her list of friends that she calls everyday hopeing that one of them will be able to play with her. A couple of her friends have pools and so she has been able to go swimming a lot already this summer. She is a little fish. She hurt her foot in one of her friends bike tires but that hasn't slowed her down any. Life for Gideon and Brynwen isn't a whole lot different for them. Big brother and sissy come and go and occationaly play with them in between pit stops at home. Gideon loves the park and would stay there all day if I let him. He wants to be a big boy so badly. He's a pretty fun little kid. Brynwen is growing like mad. She loves to smile now and is trying to roll over and pull herself up when on her stomach. She is such a good baby.

That's it for now have a good one.


Bill and Maggie said...

Ah...I'd probably come live in your back yard if I could. Miss you guys!

cadi said...

Your last post was so funny!

Good sister has started a 'Virtual Admin Assistant' company from her home and does really well. She assists these big wigs from home. She does Tele-conferencing, sends out their mass emails, etc and does decent. It is also a necessity for her and she is able to fill in the gaps pretty well. Her husband is commissioned based so her supplementing is a must.

Woodrich Family said...

Good to catch up with your family. I've thought about doing piano lessons also, but I'm like you and don't know that my family atmosphere would really allow for that. Too much noise! Gotta love it!