Monday, February 2, 2009

A day trip

Yesterday we took a day trip to the Tri-Cities. Richland to be exact. We went down to see my brother Bryan and his family. Jackson, who was born at the beginning of Jan, was blessed. It was really neat to be able to be there and share the experience with my family. All of my siblings were there which was also nice because we don't all get to be together that often. The trip down was pretty uneventful. The kids watched a movie and ate the whole time. We did stop at the Chocolate Store and picked up a treat. Gideon was very happy to be out of the car and ran around like a crazy person. It was the first time that I had been in there. We arrived just in time to change into church clothes and get to the church. After church we headed back to Bryan and Rachel's to change and then it was off to her dads house to have a scrumptious dinner. The kids had lots of fun playing at Papus house (that's what they call their grandpa). Jace and Josh got mustangs from papu for Christmas, so the kids pretty much drove around in those all afternoon. There was one moment that was excitingly gross. Gideon comes strolling into the house and says "Mom i'n poopy". I thought no big deal I'll just change his diaper and that will be the end of it. NO it was all down his legs and up his back. He hasn't had one of those in a very long time. We had to strip him down and hose him off. It was quite comical really. I found out that my sister Brooke is engaged to be married. Apparently over Christmas Evan and Brooke decided that they wanted to get married and made arrangements to do so. He hasn't officially proposed yet, but she is going to see him for Valentines day and is expecting to come home with a ring. She wasn't going to tell us this until after she already had the ring but, Tracy (sister-in-law) got it out of her at dinner yesterday. I have mixed feelings about it. We haven't met him yet which makes me a little nervous, and we won't get to until the wedding which is supposed to take place in April. I know, fast engagement. The only things that I know about him are that he is 26, a marine, and stationed in California, which means Brooke will be moving there. That is fine, however I have a sneaking suspicion that once she is gone, we won't see her again. That makes me sad. All in all though, it was a really fun day to spend time with my siblings, eat lots of good food and enjoy just being together.


Bill and Maggie said...

Oh my goodness! Gideon can speak a sentance! And Brooke is going to get married and move to California?! So much that we're missing!
Miss you guys a lot! Love you!

Cale and Sharon said...

Glad you guys were ablt to make it down there. We were actually in Tricities on Saturday. We finally made it to the temple. YEA!!! No one had an emergency and no respite!! Sounds like you had a blast. Brooke getting married WHAT?!? Good luck I understnad the mixed feelings especially since you guys haven't met him. Is he a member?

Brenda said...

No he is not a member. Which is another concern. However, Brooke hasn't really been making the choices of a member. I'm sure that one day she will realize that the church is important, but until then, who knows. According to her he is supportive of her being a member, but he hasn't had the greatest example to go by, so he doesn't really know what it entails. I guess we'll see.

shanda said...

Sorry it's taken me a while to get back to you about the hats. If you go to this website:
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Jen and Joel said...

I cannot believe that Brooke is getting married. I hope that she is happy.
I miss all the Woodards!!