Sunday, July 6, 2008

Summer Time Fun

We had a great weekend. On Saturday we went to Silverwood Theme Park as a family. Yep, it was just us, no one else came. We had such a good time. There was hardly anyone there. The longest we stood in line was 15 min which is unheard of at the park. We went first to the water park and that was great. Gideon had so much fun playing in the children's play area. He went up and down the water slides and splashed in the water. We then went to the wave pool where we had a great time playing in the waves. Even Gideon. We went on a few slides as well. By the time we finished at the water park Joe and I were pretty well burnt. The kids thankfully just got darker.

After the fantabulous time at the water park we had lunch and then headed over the the carnival rides. Cordin and Joe and even Gabbie rode on the round-up, the one that goes really fast around in a circle and then tilts up into the air. It's CRAZY! I can't ride those kinds anymore, I get too sick. We all went on a roller coaster called Tremors which was really fun. We took it in shifts because Gideon wasn't tall enough to go this year. We hit a lot of the little kids rides which Gideon, Cordin, and Gabbie loved. It was nice to spend time as a family and to just be together. I think that we'll make this a yearly tradition. Sometimes I forget that we can actually have a good time when it's just the Kearns'.


cadi said...

We have also figured out since our last move...that we can also have a good time with just our immediate family. We love being with tons of people and all our friends but it is so nice to go on your own. We are doing our first trip to Disneyland in October with all 4 of the kids. Can't wait!