Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Fun!

Today we had our (what's turning into a tradition) Memorial day BBQ and birthday party. It was a lot of fun. We celebrate all of the May birthdays in the family and pretty much all of the birthdays for everyone. When all of my siblings are here it is a lot of craziness. Unfortunately Bryan and family couldn't make it, neither did Ben and Tracy, so our numbers were smaller this year. Cordin and Gabbie did have quite a lot of friends show up this year so that made up for it a little. We played water games this year, balloons and water guns, and then we went to the park and did some other playing around. It was good old fashion fun. The kids had a really good time and I think that most of their friends did too. It was a little crazy with all of the extra kids running around and I have to admit that I was extremely glad when it was over and all of the kids went home. I can handle having one or two of their friends here for long periods of time but a whole gaggle of them is something else. I get really rundown and tired. Having this BBQ and birthday party has been a great way to celebrate Memorial Day. Hope that everyone out there had a great day too.


Cale and Sharon said...

Miss you guys soo much!! Wish we could have been there. We need to find a way to move back to Spokane. Give the kids hugs for us.

Daniel said...

Happy birthday, Brenda!

And where's the weekend update?!