Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lacking baby

A quick update. No, there is no baby yet. I have decided that my body just doesn't want to give up this baby. I go into the doctor in the morning and will find our more. I think if he doesn't let me have this baby this weekend I just may have to hold him hostage until he agrees. I am sooo ready to be done. I just want baby here and healthy. I can't wait to be able to breath again, and to not have a 10 pound weight on my bladder. Yes, that's right, she will probably weigh 10 pounds if not more. Another reason to have her now. There is a lot more pressure in my pelvis so I am hoping that she has dropped some more and engaged the cervix. At least then they can give the necessary meds to really start labor. I will find out tomorrow so expect another update then.

On a side note...Brooke is getting married this weekend. I am excited for her but sad that I won't be there. All of the family is going for it but mine. Oh well, I'm sure that it will be a wonderful time for them. I wish her love and happiness. She's gonna need it. Married life will be quite an awakening for her. Good luck Brooke and Evan.


Bill and Maggie said...

Ahh - I am going to be RIGHT NEXT DOOR (in Oregon) for the next two weeks...bummer bummer and BUMMER that I can't drive over to see her (because hopefully she will be here!)